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Vikings at Bears 2nd Quarter Open Thread

Week 10
Minnesota Vikings (3-5)
Chicago Bears (5-3)
Date: November 14th, 2010 Location: Chicago, IL
Time: 1pm ET ( 12pm CT) Stadium: Soldier Field
TV: FOX(Tv Maps Here) The Doomed: Daily Norseman
Injury Report: Gamecenter Forecast: 45°, Partly Cloudy


Did you realize that nearly the entire nation is seeing this game? 

Important Note: SBNation has a fantastic method for handling inappropriate, or trolling posts. Simply flag it, and then move on. Trolls are like baby goats at the petting zoo, you feed one with one of those tiny baby bottles, and then suddenly you have 30 standing around you, jumping on you and wiping shit on your clothes.