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Thoughts From NFL Week 10: Chicago Bears and Beyond

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Just about every team is into the second half of their season now, and the have's and have not's still haven't fully made themselves known.  This week, three last place teams knocked off their Division leaders.  And even though the Bills finally scratched the win column, they are one of just a handful of teams that I think are out of it.  I think it's safe to also write off the Bengals, the Lions, and the Panthers.  But the other cellar dwellers are a few lucky breaks away from legitimately contending for a playoff spot.

Vegas has to be having a devil of a time making football lines this season.  Are the 49ers really in the playoff hunt?  Can Dallas really make a run in the NFC East?  Can we finally stick a fork into the Vikings?  I'll give you some of my thoughts after the jump.

1)  I'm curious if Giants fans have as big of a problem with the mannerisms of Eli Manning as some Bears fans take issue with those of Jay Cutler?

2)  Speaking of Jay Sizzle, the next time he throws a Red Zone pick, I'd like someone to slap the taste out of his mouth.

3)  I know Chad Henne came and then went again in relief of Chad Pennington, but why was he benched in the first place?

4)  How about that Tim Tebow!?!? 

5)  Way back on Thursday (Do you guys like Thursday Night Football?) Roddy White pushed off for the winning TD reception, and I don't care.  Some physical play in the secondary is alright by me.

6)  Troy Smith just seems like one of those gym rat type players that will find a way to get the "W" for your team.

7)  And talking about QBs getting it done...  Mark Sanchez does it again in OT.

8)  Is Marvin Lewis ever going to be held accountable for his team?

9)  I know defensive backs are taught to knock down a late throw, but what has to be going through Texans DB Glover Quins mind?  And why are they taught to knock it down again?

10)  Was there any doubt after losing last week to the Browns, that the Patriots would come out with a big time win against the Steelers?


Editor's note: The Redskins have extended Donovan McNabb for 5 more years... for BIG money.