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The Bears Den: November 16, 2010


...our next seven games are tough, but not as tough as the Packers.

The Bears players say they aren't fazed by the quick turnaround this week.

Brad Biggs shares his thoughts from the win against the Vikings.

Jake Long could play against the Bears Thursday, even with labrum damage.

David Haugh shows his softer side, and lauds Angelo's late round draft picks.

Rick Morrissey says he's not impressed with the Bears.

Treat yourself, or a Bears fan you love: Top-of-the-line Ditka Sweater Vest.

Mike Potash points out that only one of our wins have come against a winning team.

Sean Jensen talks about the Bears improvement in the 3rd down department.

Adjustments made during the Bye week are paying dividents right now.

John 'Moon' Mullin hands out his report card from the latest victory.

Moon also broaches the topic of not having a #1 WR, sort of.

WCG favorite Jim Mller gives his two cents on the victory over the Vikings.

Season-ending surgery remains an option for Lions QB Matt Stafford.

Kevin Seifet gives the Bears their weekly Free Head Exam.

A quick look at how we bottled up Adrian Peterson.

Bears are expecting a heavy does of the Wildcat versus the Dolphins.

Michael C. Wright says that Julius Peppers is slumping.

Dan Pompei broke down the film, and has his grades to hand out.

Jay Glazer's afterparty, with an appearence by Brian "The Deity" Urlacher.