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The Bears Den: November 17, 2010

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...where at least one WCG staffer is predicting a breakout game from Tommie Harris tomorrow.

Hester has his eyes on a record when he returns to Miami this week

Brad Biggs gives us the lowdown on the injury situation for the Bears and the Phins.

Jay Cutler weighs in on his wide receivers and the offensive line.

Cutler also provides some insight on Brandon Marshall in Miami.

The players union hs an interesting proposal for the 18-game season.

When was the last time you did something nice for yourself?

Sean Jensen has a great read on Martz's Rams vs Martz's Bears.

Mike Martz on the risky throw that Cutler made: "Yeah, we meant to do that."

''You make him run, and when he runs, you knock the snot out of him,''

Some interesting insights on the Dolphins courtesy of Rick Libero.

The Rockford Register has a good article on the Bears LB corps.

One of our favorite Team Reports, courtesy of USA Today.

The booyas most recent Power Rankings.

Week 10 Decisive Moment in the NFC North.

A great article on Vikings owner Zygi Wilf from Kevin Seifert.

The Miami Herald has an outstanding article on QB  Tyler Thigpin.