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WCG Key Match-Up: Bears Pass Protection vs. Dolphins Blitz Attack

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On a short week for the Bears, my key match-up post will focus on Miami Blitz attack and rather the Bears can protect against it and capitalize off it. Cameron Wake will be available for the game tomorrow after fully participating in today's practice, but even with Wake  the Dolphins have struggle generating pass rush which is why I feel Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan will send all types of blitzes at the Bears pass protection. For the Bears to exploit the Dolphins Blitz's, all 11 players on offense have to be in sync. The O-line backs and Tight ends have to efficiently pick it up, the backs have to quickly get into the flats for potential swing and screen passes, and whoever is the hot receiver will need to recognize it and help Jay Cutler out. If they can do this the big plays can happen both vertically and in the intermediate against a secondary who strength is not man coverage.

Offensive line

The line will go to battle with the Dolphins 300+ defensive lineman. It will be on the interior line to hold their blocks against DE Randy Starks, Kendall Langford, and NT Paul Soliai. These three guys do a good occupying opposing OL, making it easy on the blitzing defenders to get after the QB. It all starts here for the Offensive line as the tackles has to help out the interior line if the Outside Rush linebackers are not coming, and also has to pick up the Blitzing corner or Safety if that's indeed their assignment.

Key Player to Watch Kendall Langford: He's maybe the Miami best defensive line man and he has quietly had a pretty good year for the Dolphins. This will be a tough match-up for both Garza and Webb who will have the assignment on Langford.

Running Backs and Tight Ends

The Running Backs and Tight Ends will have a big work load as they will be counted on to pick up Blitzes and also be Jay's safety blanket if Jay doesn't have time to get the ball to his receivers. The Backs and Tight Ends will be very important to this team success against Miami Blitz attack, because if they can pick up the blitzing player or players it leaves a secondary that struggles in man coverage in a tough situation.

Key Player to Watch Karlos Dansby: Dansby is probably their best defensive player on the team. Greg Olsen, Matt Forte, Chester Taylor and Brandon Manumaleuna will see a lot of him especially Olsen when going across the middle. 3-4 middle line-backers are usually counted on to drop into coverage and cover tight ends.


Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, and Earl Bennett will be counted on to execute running hot routes when the blitz is coming. They have been doing a better job of this coming out the bye week, and it will need to continue against a defense that will try to generate a pass rush from almost everywhere.

Key Player to Watch Earl Bennett: If the O-line and Backs can pick up whoever is blitzing, I look for Bennett to benefit from it. Bennett is maybe the best receiver on the team as far as blitz recognition, and he can certainly good at getting yards after the catch. If you looking for any offensive player to capitalize off the Blitz pick up its Bennett.