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The Inside Scoop: Chicago Bears beat writer Sean Jensen joinsWCG for another Q/A session

Jensen_head_shot_small_mediumRemember the good old days of "Good Rex, Bad Rex?"  One week, Bears fans would be jumping for joy, and the next, screaming bloody murder.  The 2010 season has seen two sides of the Jay Cutler/ Mike Martz offense as well; the Good Offense that clicks and makes adjustments and executes, and the Bad Offense that can implode and make us look like a bunch of amateurs on the field.

Luckily, we seem to be hitting somewhat of a stride offensively, and for the Bears to be serious contenders in the NFC this year, they need to maintain the Good Offense status from here on out.  Maybe Martz, Tice, and Cutler are finally all getting on the same page.

Meanwhile, Lovie Smith and Rod Marinelli have quietly gotten the defense back on track, and is looking much like the defense did a few seasons ago.  We are mostly healthy, and aren't likely to lose steam anyime soon.  Those guys are for real.

On a short week, it's hard to be fully prepared for the opponent, but Miami is pretty banged up right now.  Tonight should be a great game.  And on that note, let's turn it over to the comment section, and get some questions in for the Chicago Sun-Times beat writer Sean Jensen.  Jensen is in Miami as we speak, and will check in with us about an hour before kickoff to answer our questions.  Jensen is also a tweeting madman, so make sure to follow his Twitter account for all of the latest and greatest from South Florida.  As always, you're more likely to have your question answered if you preface it with a compliment on how nice his legs look, or how attractive he is (he's into compliments and such).

Have fun!