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The Bears Den: November 19th Victory Friday Edition

...where the star of the defense is the entire defense.

Bears register first shutout since 2006 - ...and BOOM goes the dynamite.

Chicago Bears defense shuts down Miami Dolphins - Manning really laid the wood on him to end that last gasp 4th down play.

It's a net gain as defense helps inspire the offense - If I'm Mike Martz, I'm slowly realizing I should just ride that wave as far as I can get it.

Bears show off their talents in South Beach - I'm pretty sure this is what we say now when someone does something well in Miami.

What could be better than following WCG on Twitter while wearing a Ditka Sweater Vest? Maybe Bizarre Japanese Fighting Robots.

Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers makes his presence known - Sack. Sack. Sack.

Up next for Bears: Nov. 28 vs. Eagles - *shudder*

NFL Game Center: Chicago Bears at Miami Dolphins - 2010 Week 11 - Warning, probably a big autoplay video.

Dolphins hurting, but Bears not apologizing for lucky win - I realize there's a chance he didn't write this headline. But it's still a bad headline.

Time for naysayers to take note - These Bears are massive!

That's risky shield position - Angelo is hitching his wagon to the LovieTrain.

Roach a qualified understudy at linebacker - He done good.

As has always been the case, the Bears remain a defense-oriented team. - In other astounding revelations, I enjoy beer and hot wings.

Peppers breaks out against Dolphins - and finally, BOOM goes the dynamite.