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The Inside Scoop: The Superfans Join WCG for a Live Q/A Session

Joe_20mantegna-bill_20swerski_mediumWith no Bears last weekend, we thought it would be an opportune time to get our latest special special guest some face time on WCG. You've seen them from time to time dropping by on my posts, giving us their wisdom, with their unique way of looking at our favorite team. Some would say it's a look through orange and navy colored glasses. And some would be right. But as sure as Walter Payton is the greatest football player that ever lived, these guys are the Greatest Bears fans in the universe. For the love of Ditka I present to you, The Superfans.

But you can't deny some of their prognostication expertise. They wanted me to point out they correctly predicted the Packer and Cowboy win. And they even predicted the big game from Israel Idonije against the Panthers.

So as with other Inside Scoops, just leave your questions for The Superfans in the comments section, and sometime around lunchtime they'll jump on with their answers.