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WCG Key Match-Up: Bears Offensive Line vs. Bills Defensive Line

Up until the 2nd half of the Redskins game, the Bears offensive line has been among the league's worst. The second half of that game something clicked with the offensive line. The tackles were able to keep the outside speed rushers out of Jay's pocket, the interior line manned up against the Redskins 300+ pound 3-4 lineman. The improved pass protection and run blocking was relevant in that second half. Now we will get to see this Sunday if this line can improve from god awful to mediocre status this Sunday against a Bills line that is in transition.

After realizing that they don't have the personnel to run a 3-4 defense, Chan Gailey has reverted the defense back to the 4-3. As much as I want to hammer Gailey for pulling a Shanahan, which is switching to a defensive scheme where you don't have half the props, for doing something that I want Mike Martz to do and that's adjust. With Roberto Garza coming back to his natural position at RG, the Bears should get a boost on the right side. With the lack of pass rushers on this Bills team and them being the worst rush defense in the league, there really should be no excuse for Martz not to have a successful 60:40 pass/run ratio this Sunday in Toronto.

LT Frank Omiyale vs. RE Dwan Edwards/Chris Kelsay

Omiyale will see a dose of both Dwan Edwards and Chris Kelsey this Sunday in Toronto. Omiyale will see Edwards on 1st and 2nd down because that's usually your downs where you run the football. Edwards should be favored on support plays, but I expect Omiyale to do a solid job against him in pass protection. Kelsey will be a challenge for Omiyale on the edge compared to Edwards who is used as more of a pass rush specialist in passing situations.

LG Chris Williams vs. NT Kyle Williams

Chris Williams has his hands full for the second week in a row against the Bills NT Kyle Williams. Kyle Williams has pretty good penetrating skills at that NT position where I feel he will get the best of Williams when pushing against the run. I do feel that Williams will be able to contain him in pass protection as he did pretty well against a much better player in Albert Hanyesworth a week ago.

RG Roberto Garza vs. DT Marcus Stroud  

If Garza can handle Stroud one on one, that frees up Olin Kreutz to help Williams out against Kyle Williams if he needs it. Stroud is still capable of wreaking havoc inside at tackle, but I feel more comfortable with the veteran Garza matching up against him compared to Louis who is still learning the position. Louis will eventually be a better player than Garza, but I can see why Tice wants to put Garza back at RG because of the inexperience he has at RT with J'Marcus Webb.

RT J'Marcus Webb vs. LE Spencer Johnson

After facing Brian Orakpo last weekend, Webb should have a much easier time this Sunday against both Spencer Johnson and Aaron Maybin. To add, Webb will be getting some help with veteran Garza back at RG. Webb will benefit from Garza's ability to diagnose stunts and blitzes. I expect Garza to communicate often with Webb on what assignment to pick up when the defensive coordinator throws a line stunt and a blitzing corner or linebacker on the outside.