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Thoughts From NFL Week 11: Chicago Bears and Beyond

With no Bears on Sunday I was able to flip between games and just enjoy some football.  No severe rooting interest, although I would have liked to see the Packers lose, but with the way the Vikings have been playing I expected that outcome.  Losing to Chicago in week 10 was their last gasp at respectability.  The Minnesota players have had enough of head coach Brad Childress, their play reflected that, and it looks like Christmas came early for many fans of the purple and gold with the firing of Coach Chilly.

In more exciting news, those stupendous Chicago Bears fans/expert prognosticators/sausage aficionados/beer connoisseurs, the one and only Superfans will be on Windy City Gridiron tomorrow around lunch time answering your questions again.  Can you feel the Bears Buzz building?

1)  Is there any point in playing Brett Favre the rest of the year?

2)  I think it may be in the best interests of the Titans to part ways with Vince Young.  The 27 year old Young is in his 5th year in Tennessee, yet he hasn't learned how to be a professional yet.

3)  I know the Browns lost, but I think they may have found a gem in rookie QB Colt McCoy.  I wonder how many teams are second guessing themselves after passing on him multiple times in the 2010 Draft.

4)  Nice flop by Ben Roethlisberger (this ain't the NBA) or was that Glass Joe...  Kudos for not retaliating, but to drop like Alan getting popped by Mike Tyson in the Hangover was a bit much.

5)  OK...  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are legit.  Good young coach, good young QB, a solid running game, and a good defense.  Why not the Bucs?

6) The Saints are hitting their stride, and still no Reggie Bush.  How much will he help them once he returns?

7)  And how about the NFC South?  The 7-3 Bucs and Saints are both behind the 8-2 Falcons.

8)  If the Jets keep winning and Mark Sanchez has another late comeback or two up his sleeve, he has a shot at NFL MVP.  He looks the part, and he's doing his thing in New York City.

9)  I was really surprised with that last Peyton Manning interception.  I just assumed the Colts had the Patriots right where they wanted them.

10)  Michael Vick continues his stellar comeback season.  How will the Bears ever hope to contain him?