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Substance, Not Style, Should Be Chicago Bears' New Mantra

With the Thursday night game last week, the weekend was slow for Bears fans. We saw the Packers drive the final nail in the Vikings' coffin, (and quite possibly shatter the whole team), we saw the rare Peyton Manning late-game non-heroics, and the Jets gain yet another late-game win. Last night, the Eagles gutted one out against a hungry Giants team, and they persevered after a rather odd decision by Eli Manning to dive forward instead of slide. (Seriously--the slide rule is there to protect you as a quarterback. You're not trying to cross the goal line there, so SLIDE)

If there's one thing that the 2010 NFL season has shown us, it's that it doesn't matter how you get your wins. The Jets have the best record in football, and it's not because they're putting on an NFL clinic. They're playing all four quarters (and then some), just like the Bears. So while some teams can be media darlings, some can play tough football, and that's all the Bears need to do. Every game is the most important game of the season now, and it's time for the Bears to get it done.

A few news links for you after the jump.

Cutler, line catalysts in three-game streak - They're not screwing up royally like they did at the beginning of the season. I realize that's not a winning endorsement, but the paragraphs I wrote above should show that I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT.

Chicago Bears: Bears brace for dangerous Michael Vick - CONTAINMENT. That's the name of the game. Oh, and the Eagles line can be susceptible to the blitz sometimes as long as you make sure to hold on the outer edges of the line to keep Vick from running 40 yards down the right sideline.

Vikings' frustration bubbles up against Packers - The next six games should be incredibly interesting, from a totally morbid point of view.

Bears up odds they will win division, make playoffs - Winning means you're more likely to keep winning. Just so you know.

Urlacher alone at the top of Bears' tackling history - Even some of the greats are saying "Well played, sir."

Are you seeing anything cool out there in the interweb information sphere? Throw it in the comments.