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The Inside Scoop: Finally, the Superfans come back to WCG!



A couple weeks back the Superfans were gracious enough with some of their valuable time and stopped by Windy City Gridiron during lunch time to answer a few questions.  You can find that Q&A right here(Link will pop like Da Coach's eyes on this post) 

(And that link will pop like the buttons on Todd's Husky Levi Button Fly jeans after he gorges himself on this incredible sausage recipe) 

(And that link will pop like Michael Vick's shoulder after Julius Peppers and Israel Idonije meet somewhere in the Eagles backfield Sunday afternoon, sandwiching the comeback player of the year candidate between their mammoth selves, thus ending any chance Vick has in winning the aforementioned award, and ensuring the honor will be bestowed on the #1 tackler in the history of the Chicago Bears, Brian Urlacher.) 

I feel as though I took that whole "link will pop" thing one too far...  Anyway...  Just Leave your questions in the comment section and Bill Swerski and the gang will be by around lunch time with their unique Bears insights.