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Mike Ditka Gives a Shout-out to Windy City Gridiron

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[Editor's note: We're reposting this because there may be some folks who missed it the first time around, and because it's awesome.  Enjoy!]

Some of you Bears fans may be relatively familiar with a guy named Mike Ditka.  As it so happens, the man we affectionately refer to as Da Coach is taking part in a series of DVDs that focus on coaching football, and he knew that the best place to market that DVD is with the audience of the best Bears fans on the planet: Windy City Gridiron.  So, here's the video in all it's wonderful glory:

Link (pops). 

How awesome is that?

By the way, I checked out the DVD series... there are other coaches doing this as well, like Sean Payton, Mike Singletary, Rex Ryan, etc.  You can find those videos on YouTube, so make sure to check them out if you are interested.