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Captain of the Tailgate: Staying Warm

At this time of year, tailgating can become a rather cold proposition for those who live in the parts of the country where it can be sixty-eight degrees and sunny on Tuesday, and four degrees and cloudy on Sunday, with winds gusting 20-30 miles out of the NW. 

On that note, it's important to stay warm. There are several generally accepted methods available. Let's take a look at a few after the jump, and also get some warm Bears Den goodness as well.

Wearing More Clothes

Well, this one should be obvious, but you would be surprised. There's always that one guy who says, "No, dude, I'm totally ok." Meanwhile, that guy's ears are bright red, he looks a lot like Tom Coughlin did in the game against the Packers in 2007, and he's unable to play bags because he refuses to borrow his girlfriend's stretchy gloves. (Author's Note: This guy is totally me.)

Work The Grill

Easiest way to stay warm? Fight for the right to be the grill person. You get to stand next to warmth all day, and everyone will come talk to you. Granted, not necessarily because they want to, but at some point you'll have several people gathered around your station. Feeling popular is great!


If you are of a legal age, booze will help you feel warm. Disclaimer: You won't actually be warm, so I'd go with the one up top, too. Perhaps a nice Captain and Cola will help you along. 

Portable Gas/Electric Heater

If it's good enough for the sidelines, it's good enough for you. A small portable heater can help you keep the hands warm for the flippy cup tournament, or for that one person who always brings a bunch of knitting to work on. 

Staying Home

Haha, just kidding. This is never an option.

Bear_s-den_medium Hey, Look, the Bears Den! And I made it really tiny! 



Vick not only big-play threat on potent Eagles offense - No. They have a lot of big fast guys. That's why I'm worried.

Jay Cutler: Chicago Bears with quarterback Jay Cutler are searching for success going deep - Jay Cutler would prefer not to be Dilfer 2.0 if at all possible.

Johnny Knox: Chicago Bears second-year receiver Johnny Knox drawing attention - I believe he's very good at Pictionary. Get it? Get it?!?!?

Dan McNeil: Lovie Smith has won over his biggest critic: Me - Oh, phew. I know we were all exceptionally worried about this. Perhaps we can now get back to hearing about the rock concerts you went to with your buddies.

Trent Cole: Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Trent Cole a real force on pass rush - Yeah, well, Frank Omiyale and J'Marcus Webb are equally as bad at the tackle position, so, the positive and negative cancel out to zero, right?

Scam artists hooking Bears fans with fake tickets - Scumbags.

Bears TE Olsen has played key role in Martz's offense - Scoring all the touchdowns.

BEARS IN BRIEF: Vick isn't Eagles' only weapon - Right. The big fast guys we mentioned earlier.

Bears Notebook: Is Vick sackable? Oh yes - John Mullin tells you all about it.

Lovie is impressed with Eagles' McCoy - Oh, yes. Lip service to the guy you're about to destroy. Very smart, Lovie Smith. Very smart.