In Less Then 24 Hours All The Doubters Are Put To Rest

The Chicago Bears are good.

There I said it.

Good teams find a way to win. Bad teams find a way to lose. Would you rather take an ugly win or a pretty lost? I’ll take a win I don’t care. And to me strength of schedule is retarded this year. The way the NFL has been who this season who the hell knows what team is gonna play well.

Week 1. The only reason why Detroit was in the game was cuz we kept fumbling in the Red Zone.

Week 2. Dallas wasn’t bad yet. They still had Romo and were playing well. It’s easy to say in hindsight that they suck cuz of what happened. But at this point they were still competitive. They just grew tired of Phillips. Look at how they’ve played for Garrett. They’ve done well and might have played even better if they still had Romo.

Week 3. So what the Packers are undisciplined turds. Discipline is a huge part of football and one of the most over looked reasons why i think Lovie needs to stay. He keeps them disciplined.

Week 4. Well the Giants killed us. Pure and simple. They came out fighting for their coach’s job and made a statement.

Week 5. Ya we beat Carolina ugly. But Todd Collins blows.

Week 6. Should have beat Seattle. They should known they were gonna pound us with their new toy Marshawn Lynch. However we only lost by 3.

Week 7. Again lost by 3. And that’s with Cutler thinking he was Rex Grossman. Another game we beat ourselves. Our defense kept us in the game. They held them to 10 points. Take away Hall’s return and we win.

Week 9. Buffalo. Ya they suck but they played a bunch of close games in the previous weeks and were due a win. And we won by 3.

Week 10. Minnesota sucks, but it’s a division game and those are always games to be wary about. Won pretty solidly too by 14 points.

Week 11. Going in everyone was like this was the test for the Bears and then guess what the Chads go down and then it’s a walk in the park. I think not. The Dolphins are a running team. Their QB is usually irrelevant. They average 97.9 yards rushing a game. And that duo of Brown/Williams is dangerous. The Bears D held them to 39 yards and held them scoreless. I don’t care who you play to hold any NFL team scoreless is an accomplishment. And then the added pressure of playing on a shorten week is rough. And they dominated that game.

I don’t care who’s out for the Eagles. Hobbes, Samuels, whoever.
When we beat them maybe then finally we can get respect.

Everyone says their schedule has been soft, and that the wins don’t matter. But all you can do is win your games. There’s always an excuse for why we win. How bout we just win cuz we’re good?

This Sunday when the Bears clip the Eagles. There will be no doubt. This Bears team is for real.

Start sippin on that Bears Kool-Aid cuz it tastes mighty damn good.

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.