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The Bears Den: November 3, 2010

...where we figure we'll see Desmond Clark on the field Sunday.

WCG member headed over to the team's official page yesterday for a live chat

Angelo and Ruskell both gained experience in the world of Canadian football.

Bears have a new #2 QB for this week versus the Bills.

Sean Jensen brings us some odds on which team will land Randy Moss.

Here is the complete waiver order, courtesy of the booyas.

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Mike Mulligan broaches a new subject and talks about what's wrong with the offense.

Some interesting commentary on the core of the WR corps.  What I did there.  See it?

Kurt Warner and Joe Theismann give their perspectives on Jay Cutler.

Cutler did not get picked or sacked last week, but Bears still fall two spots.

Video and transcript of Brian Urlacher on the Dan Patrick show.

Oh noes: WCG-favorite Matt Jones says he'll retire.  But, but...

The Bears-Bills game in Canada still has many tickets to sell.

Former Bears player is now a former Texans player.  No, we won't "go get him."