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If the Bears could look to the past for O-Line help...

The 2010 Chicago Bears offensive line is a question mark.  Regardless of the Martz offense and the hot reads or the new blocking schemes, the line has yet to gel.  The bye week should help, as veteran Roberto Garza returns and will go back to right guard.  His presence should help settle down rookie RT J'Marcus Webb.  Left side Frank Omiyale and Chris Williams will have had another week of practice under their belts.  Olin Kreutz will benefit from better play around him, and will provide leadership.

If the Bears could look to the past for O-Line help what former player would be a good fit?  If you could pluck one former Chicago offensive lineman in his prime, from any era, who would you take?  My first hand Bears knowledge goes back to the early 80's and I've read enough about some of the all time greats to have a few ideas. 



One of my favorite all time Bears is Keith Van Horne.  His nasty attitude at right tackle was a perfect fit for the Black and Bruise brothers in the 80's.  Jimbo Covert was a back injury away from being a Hall of Fame left tackle.  Going really old school you can take Hall Of Famer Stan Jones, who was an absolute stud at guard.  James "Big Cat" Williams was a giant of a man that had a solid road grading Bears career.  Olin Kreutz circa 2002 was into his 2nd of 6 consecutive Pro Bowls.  Or maybe Jay Hilgenberg is your favorite Bears center.

Did I miss anyone, Dan Jiggets maybe?  Who would you take?  Which one former Bears offensive lineman do you think could step into this group and make a difference?