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The Inside Scoop: Bears Beat Writer Sean Jensen joins WCG for another Live Q/A Session

Jensen_head_shot_small_mediumIt's been a couple of weeks since Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times joined us, and we've certainly seen a lot of note-worthy football be played since then. The Vikings lost their recent acquisition and have fallen to 2-5, while the Packers have pulled into the lead in the NFC North.

The Bears are getting some pieces back, though. Major Wright is expected to see some action for the first time in many weeks. Roberto Garza is back in the fray, and Lance Briggs should be a lot more healthy than his valiant effort against the Redskins portrayed. 

There are still questions, though. Can the Bears defense keep it up over the long term? These fabled rushing yards, will we see them soon? Sean's got some insight, and he's more than happy to tell you about it.

Sean will join us around 3pm CT to answer our questions, so go ahead and start submitting now.  Also, make sure to keep an eye on the S-T's blog Inside the Bears, as well as Jensen's Twitter page for real-time Bears updates.