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Thoughts From NFL Week 9: Chicago Bears and Beyond

Another Sunday with not much live football watched.  There's nothing worse than DVRing the Bears game only to find out the results before I get a chance to sit down and watch it.  Actually...  finding out they won is way better than finding out they lost.  Knowing they lost and sitting through a game is a couple hours of negative blah.

Now I finally have a chance to watch some live football and I'm blessed with the craptastic Cowboys wasting my time against the Packers.  Someone on the Cowboys needs to be fired. (UPDATE: Wade Phillips is out, and Jason Garrett is promoted)  On to some thoughts...

1)  Talk about being prepared, Eagles head coach Andy Reid is 12-0 following a bye. 

2)  Staying with that game; Can the Colts just throw anyone in at WR and have them succeed?  Jacob Tamme in the last two weeks has 2 TD, 172 yards, and 17 catches.

3)  Say what you want, but Brett Favre is a magical player.

4)  The New York Giants are the best team in the NFC.

5)  I wondered why I saw more than a few NFL "experts" pick the Browns over New England...  I guess sometimes a few of the experts actually know what they are talking about.  I never could have predicted that Cleveland win.

6)  I guess since I was buying the Chiefs as being legit contenders, I now have to think the Raiders are for real.

7)  The Chargers had to love the 2nd place Raiders knocking off the 1st place Chiefs.  San Diego is starting their usual surge with their second win in a row, and at 4-5 they are in the AFC West race.

8) Is there a QB controversy in Carolina?  Does it matter?

9)  Ugh...  the Cowboys are brutal.

10)  Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is a player.  Buffalo may be 0-8, but their fans have to be a little excited with that guy under center.