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New Chicago-based writer joins Windy City Gridiron

You may remember a few months ago we began searching for a Chicago-based writer to join our ranks... someone who could attend events, press conferences, camps, etc, and report back to WCG.  We've got most of our bases covered, but having that Chicago-based staffer will help us to bring more opportunities and original content to our WCG audience.

A few weeks ago, Adam and I made a decision (sorry, we couldn't get the booyahs to televise it) on who that writer would be, and have finally gotten all of the plans laid and details worked out.  Please join me in welcoming Stephen Ronkowski, also known as SouthSidePollack, to the ranks of WCG.

Steve recently attended the 1985 Chicago Bears reunion hosted by Allstate, and will share his experience with all of us this coming Wednesday.  Throughout the year, we'll be sending Steve out on different assignments, and he'll be reporting back to our readers here at WCG with his experiences. 

Welcome aboard Steve!