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The Bears Den: December 1, 2010


Did you know? Jay Cutler has never had a winning season in college or the pros.  Just one more win baby...

Larry Mayer takes a look at the NFC playoff picture

Jay Cutler nominated for FedEx Air Player of the Week.  Vote here.

Brad Biggs analyzes the recent successes of Cutler.  Good read.

The QB woes continue for the Lions; third-stringer Drew Stanton may start.

I've worn mine for three straight weeks now, and it is magnificent.  Ditka Sweater Vest.  Do it.

Mike Mulligan says that Peppers should be nominated for Defensive Player of the Year

A great read on the development of Earl Bennett, and his approach to the offense.

John 'Moon' Mullin talks about Lovie Smith's personality.  Moon is a Zen master himself.

ESPN's most recent Power Rankings... what a joke,  they really hate the- wait, what? The Bears are ranked higher than the Packers?  But, but, we like it better when people hate on the Bears.  Wharrgarble.

Ah, the semi-annual resodding of the soil at Soldier Field... can't wait to see the Martzfense in the rain.

Two more players sent to the Injury Reserve list for the Packers.  Unreal.

Even though there has been no approval for a stadium to be built in LA yet, there are folks starting to contact the Vikings about moving to the West Coast.

If you are looking for another gift idea, 80's tees has some super-cool Bears shirts.

It's never too early for a highlight reel is it?