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The Bears Den: December 10th, 2010 Edition


Where it's impossible to state how awesome a decisive victory on Sunday would be.

Bears must generate consistent pass rush Sunday - Pass rush up the middle would be best. Flushing Brady to the sides where Izzy or Pep can get there, coupled with a bruising linebacker or two.

Why Martz has adapted his play calling in Chicago - I think it might be because he likes Jay Cutler, and doesn't want him to be completely dead.

Tom Brady vs. Brian Urlacher puts New England Patriots-Chicago Bears game in national spotlight - Lots of hair vs. no hair. Hopefully the bald one can put the pretty boy on his back a couple times.

You + WCG + Twitter = Benficial for you, and your loved ones.

Chicago Bears' Nick Roach still a question mark for New England Patriots game - This just in--one side of the defense might be weaker.

Briggs: We Understand What This Game Means - Lip service paid.

Briggs, Urlacher a pair of aces - There's no two linebackers I want more.

Brady’s fake and shake is on Urlacher’s menu - He wants to hit him so hard his kids feel it.

Air and Space: Cutler and play-action - I'll be honest, I didn't read this one.

Soldier Field has right field - Seriously, what's with all the alternate universe stuff?

Jay Cutler's Play Will Determine Bears' Chances Against Patriots - Scouting Report - A look from NESN, from behind the enemy lines.

Moon Mullin Corner

Could Tommie Harris be key for Bears vs. Pats? - I hope so--I still think inside pressure is the key.

New England Julius? Free-safety Julius? - What if?