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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Mess in Minnesota and More

Will he stop at nothing to start this next game?

Since I'm sure he affects everything ever, Brett Favre has obviously caused the roof of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome to collapse overnight. Officials are saying that it is unlikely they will be able to have the roof raised, safe, and ready to go by the delayed kick off time, which was 7pm tomorrow night. This could possibly mean a change of game location, which could be a problem for New York, as they would have had no reason to bring anything but dome gear with them on the trip. The Giants have a big game against the Eagles next week, too--every slight delay or change affects their ability to win the division. 

As I write this--Ed Werder on ESPN is confirming that the Metrodome will not be available for the game Monday or Tuesday, and the Giants don't have their outdoor gear. It normally takes weeks, they say, to perform the repairs under consideration.

Update: NFL appears to be contacting Ford Field, per Mortensen's twitter. Dome, FOX equip. already in place.

As it is, they're not even sure what the status for next week's game against the Bears could be. I would think they could get it ready in time, but possibly not. As I mentioned in the comments of another story yesterday, this seems to be yet another instance of the stars aligning for the Chicago Bears this season. One of the teams they could be in a playoff battle with (The Giants) is losing advantage and time in their race, and their next opponent (the Vikings) are losing days of rest, recuperation, and planning as they head towards an important divisional matchup.

We'll put up one game thread for those who are interested in the Packers game. First quarter thread for the Bears will go up at 3:15E/2:15C, one hour before kickoff.

Today is the 45th anniversary of Gayle Sayer's six touchdown game against the 49ers. Here's a link to box score from the 61-20 rout.

Awaiting key details on Metrodome roof - NFC North Blog - ESPN - This situation is seriously so messed up. Reminds me of when the Astros had to play the Cubs in Milwaukee a couple of years ago.

Martz, Belichick to match wits Sunday - They will be holding a formal debate regarding the merits of whoopee cushions in modern sketch comedy.

Time is ripe for brilliant tactical move from Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith - Yes. It wiould be about time for that.

Chicago Bears happy Robbie Gould fell their way after he didn't make New England Patriots roster - I'm also happy about it, if anyone cares.

Peppers on sod: 'It cost me a couple of sacks' - He even says all the right things. It's so depressing that he had to spend all that time in Carolina.

Bears-Patriots: Four things to watch on Sunday - Luckily, the roof won't collapse on them. Though there is the chance that the upper half of the stadium might fly away.

Bears, Patriots have solid scouting roots - The Bears scout defensive linemen, the Patriots scout everything else! (Too easy--couldn't resist)

Down Pats? Foes know it's not easy - They're really good, it's hard to ignore.

Bears over Patriots? Its beyond belief - Rick Morrissey--you so crazy.

Potash’s Breakdown: Patriots at Bears - I've read way too many pre-games of this thing at this point--I'm going to get the remote control from "Click" starring Adam Sandler and fast forward myself to mid-afternoon.

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Run Bears, run: Ground game can ground Patriots - Moon brings us home!