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My Chicago Bears Glass is Half Full

What if that defensive back had smaller feet?  Lovie would have won the challenge!!!
What if that defensive back had smaller feet? Lovie would have won the challenge!!!

The last few weeks my posts have skewed a little negative.  I pointed out some holes in the Bears defense, I speculated that the Bears would struggle in Detroit, I threw out an NFC Power Ranking that didn't have Chicago in the top three, and I brought to light a Toxic stat that painted the Bears in an unfavorable light.

The media in Chicago tends to use their What if's to make their usual pessimistic points. What if Jerry Angelo would have drafted this guy instead of that guy?  What if the Packers didn't have all those penalties?  What if Ron Rivera was never let go?  And my personal favorite is, Jay Cutler leads the NFL in What if interceptions.

There's usually a negative connotation that comes with the what if's, and I say enough is enough.  I never see the what if used for truth, justice, and the American Chicago way, so I'm fighting back.  I didn't think using the title The Bears are F'N Awesome!!!! was gonna go over too well with the Big Wigs, but gosh darn it, even if I did take the Pats when making my football picks last week, I'll still get my happy, happy, joy, joy, orange Kool-Aid and navy colored glasses point across today if it's the last thing I do.

I'm not sure if any of you noticed, but Tom Brady had about 2 or 3 near interceptions.  If Chris Harris would have snagged that tipped ball, the game could have had an entirely different flow to it.  Also do you realize that Brady was 9-0 (now 10-0) when playing in snowy weather.  That's just some unfair Mother Nature stuff right there.

Jay Cutler never throws those two picks if the Bears are winning.  That's just a gunslinger trying to make a play and yes, he did try and force some throws, but at that point in the game the Bears needed a play made.  I think Cutler has truly turned a page on his reckless ways.

If the Packers had won I think the Bears would have played with more of a sense of urgency.  I know, I know, but it's a theory at least one other person shares with me.  Tom Thayer on the Bears radio feed alluded to this very thing.  It's human nature to have a let down, consciously or subconsciously, it does happen.  Had the Packers kept the pressure on the Bears I think the game may have played out differently.

I'm not saying the game turned on the fumble return for a TD from New England, but that was a critical play.  If Devin McCourty had a smaller foot, Johnny Knox would have landed on the ground, and then no fumble.  It was an iffy call to begin with, but you can't tell me that his other cheek didn't hit the field.  And believe it or not, I was OK with Lovie Smith throwing the red flag.  It was a calculated risk.

Bill Belichick isn't the type of coach to coast to a victory.  If there is one team in the NFL that knows how to not only step on the throat, but to twist and stomp on you, it's the Patriots.  Tom Brady was still chucking the ball all around the field in the 3rd and 4th quarter, and he didn't come out of the game 'til only a few minutes remained.  I'm not sure what was said at halftime in the Bears locker room, but they came out and looked better.  They put up their only TD of the game and only gave up a lone FG.  They won the second half.  (Ok, I'm reaching for that one)

In all seriousness, the Patriots just matched up really well against the Bears.  As sure as I was in the Bears beating the Eagles two weeks ago, and as sure as I was in the Bears having to really work to get out of Detroit with a win, I was sure the Bears would lose to N.E.  However, I think the Bears match up really well with the last 3 opponents on the schedule.  Minnesota will fight for their new coach, but the fast track will favor the Bears.  The Jets don't have a consistent enough offense to bother the Bears, and the Packers have their own offensive woes.

The Bears are still in the drivers seat in the NFC North, one game ahead of the Pack.  The Pats will knock off Green Bay next week on Sunday Night, then they get the Giants week 16 at Lambeau.  The week 17 game very well could feature the Bears resting their starters, unless a playoff home field advantage scenario is in play.  Go Bears...  and have I told you the Bears are F'N Awesome!!!!