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The Bears Den: December 15th, 2010 Edition

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
Metrodome not an option for Monday - I don't know who thought that it might be, because there was no chance.

Hester, Manning are continuing to shine - They were the lone bright spot of last week's game.

Bears-Vikes game at Gophers' home - I hope you're ready to hear about Brett Favre, how something like this has never happened to Brett Favre, and how unique it is that Brett Favre is standing in a college football stadium as a player when he's 40.

If Chicago Bears continue path to playoffs their season is a success - I don't necessarily agree, but ok, David Haugh.

WCG + Twitter + You + Your Family + Everyone else + honey + waffles = Some kind of weird party
Bears' Harris forges an unlikely friendship - Here's a nice human interest piece on Tommie Harris. It does not, however, explain why he no longer gets any pressure up the middle.

Bears' health equals NFL wealth - Being this healthy this late in the season, despite all indications that they should be, will be very valuable, no doubt.

NFL is head-serious about safety - Hahaha, head serious.  Hahahaha, get it?

Chicago Bears have a perfect opportunity to try to clinch NFC North title - This is the easiest time to go ahead and do it now--the banged up Packers will likely lose to the Pats, and the Vikings have hopefully packed it in for 2010.

Streaking/Slumping: Week 14 - Who's hot and who's cold, who's yes, and who's no.

Second man pushed onto L tracks in Oak Park -- This is scary. Watch out, Chicago folks/train takers.

I've seen this picture hundreds of times, but it never fails to make me laugh.