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Bears-Vikings playing at TCF Bank Stadium a forgone conclusion

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In as much of an "official" statement as it can be, league spokesperson Greg Aiello says that the Bears will face off against the Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN on Monday night. From The Trib:

"The game is going to be played there," Aiello said. "The decision has been made. If the situation changes and something unusual happens, we'll adjust. But there are no indications we wouldn't be able to play the game there. It's full steam ahead preparing the field and the stadium for a game on Monday."

Many players have expressed concern over the playing surface, considering the field is not heated in any way. It's been described as potentially playing on hard rock, with the field having been completely frozen for weeks. Even in frigid temperatures at NFL stadiums, the fields have some sort of heat source, and aren't rock-hard. We'll see how how things transpire in the next couple of days.

Also, the Vikings announced the ticket policy for the game, and it included this piece of information:

IMPORTANT: This is a first-come, first-served event. The Vikings anticipate this game to be well-attended and having a valid ticket does not guarantee admittance into TCF Bank Stadium. In the event that some ticket holders are turned away on game night due to capacity, only the original ticket account owners will receive a full refund.

Read the full statement and details here.

Oh, and you can't buy alcohol at the stadium, or bring your own. Also, feel free not to leave your seat at any point for the restroom or concession stand, because it is mostly general admission and you could lose your seat. Oy vey.