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Bearsless Sunday: Week 15 Afternoon Open Thread

With the unsteady Chicago Bears matching up against the ailing Minnesota Vikings Monday Night, this afternoon is as good as any to have an open thread dedicated to the other games of the afternoon.

Not sure what games you'll be getting locally? Check out the TV maps over at I hope you wanted to watch Jets/Steelers.

There are a lot of games today that will have a significant impact on the postseason layout, which we'll have full analysis of tomorrow. As they say in newspaper parlance, join us below the fold for a look at some of the key matchups of the afternoon.

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys
No playoff implications. I just wanted to point out again that DONOVAN MCNABB was benched in favor of REX GROSSMAN.
Kev Says: The Sex Cannon

New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens
Both of these teams are in a playoff race, with the Saints looking to keep pace with the Falcons, and the Ravens hoping to catch the Steelers. This game will largely be determined by which Ravens team shows up - the one with the commanding defense and the solid offense, or the one that chokes up a bunch of points late like they did against Houston. New Orleans is just as capable as Houston, and has a better defense, too.
Kev Says: Ravens

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts
The Colts have been plagued by the injury bug, and it has no doubt affected the chemistry of the entire offense. The Jaguars have been playing a lot better than many thought they would. (And they had a little help. Check out that Hail Mary one more time.) The Colts' stranglehold on the AFC South might end this season, and they're not in the playoffs otherwise. This game would be crucial in making that happen.
Kev Says: Jaguars

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants
What more can I say? Not only will this game help decide the NFC East, it'll help decide the wildcards and the playoff seedings. Biggest game for Vick this season? Definitely. Biggest game for Baby Manning? Definitely. The team that wins this game is the team I least want to see in the playoffs. The Giants are absolutely pounding the rock lately.
Kev Says: Giants

Kansas City Chiefs at St. Louis Rams
I know virtually nothing about these teams, to be honest. KC needs to hold off the Chargers, and the Rams are fighting to stay in the ineptitude battle of the NFC West. Bradford is looking to be the answer for the Rams going forward, and the Chiefs need Cassel back. He'll be active today, but we'll see if he starts.
Kev Says: Chiefs

Detroit Lions at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Bucs still have slim hopes. The Lions do not. It's advantageous for the Bucs to get Detroit late, and they should get it done.
Kev Says: Bucs

New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers
The Jets are struggling to stay in the playoff race. The Steelers are fighting off the Ravens, and still in the hunt for a #1 seed. Sanchez has been regressing lately, the Steelers are on a four game win streak. It goes to five today.
Kev Says: Steelers

What do you think? Sound off, enjoy, and be excellent to each other.