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WCG Key Match-Up: Bears O-Line vs. Lions D-Line

Big win from the Bears this past Sunday against the Eagles, but now is not the time to look past our next opponent. They have to keep their eyes on the prize and protect their lead in the division while also pushing for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Bears need to continue their strong play this Sunday against the Lions who, despite possesing a pretty good defensive line, have been a complete punching bag. The key match-up this weekend will be our offensive line versus their defensive line. If the line can put together a solid performance, it will give the rest of this offense a chance to put together an all around great offensive performance.

LT Frank Omiyale vs. RE Kyle Vanden Bosch

Vanden Bosch bullied Chris Williams on opening day, but he will get a different look this time around in Frank Omiyale. I really underestimated Vanden Bosch with the thought that he was overrated, and his one good season in Tennessee had much to do with Albert Haynesworth's presence in the middle. This guy may have the best motor of any defensive end in the NFL. Omiyale needs to stay with his block and not be lazy for one second because Vanden Bosch will fight until the whistle is blown.

LG Chris Williams vs. DT Corey Williams

This may be the most interesting match-up on this line because Chris Williams has been becoming a better LG with each passing week, while Cory Williams is no slouch on the Lions defensive line and part of the reason why it's tough running inside against them. Chris Williams' strength is pass protection and pulling outside on running plays. Given the fact that Forte is much better running outside, I expect Williams to be key in the running department as he has proven he has the agility to pull outside and get up the field.

RG Roberto Garza vs. DT Ndamukong Suh

Garza is going to need a lot of help from Olin Kreutz against Suh this Sunday. Suh is quick, powerful, and comes with rude intentions. It will be important for Garza and Kreutz to contain Suh and not let him wreak havoc on Jay Cutler.  Suh so far this season has 8 sacks and is looking like the best 4-3 DT in the NFL in just his first year.

RT J'Marcus Webb vs. LE Cliff Avril

J'Marcus Webb has been coming around well for a guy that wasn't supposed to be playing this season. Webb gets another tough match-up this Sunday against Cliff Avril who plays to Webb's weakness, the speed rush. Webb might struggle some against Avril in pass protection as he still needs to polish up his footwork, but I look for Webb to make more of an impact in the run game against Avril.