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Thoughts From NFL Week 15: Chicago Bears and Beyond

This time of year it's definitely better to be a fan of a team with legit playoff aspirations (like the Bears).  But it can also be exciting to get a look at some younger talent with an eye towards 2011 if you follow a team that's struggling.  Some teams not in playoff contention got a peak at their future signal callers and some fared better than others.  Potential 2011 starting QBs Tim Tebow, Joe Webb, Colt McCoy, Charlie Whitehurst, John Skelton, and Rex Grossman all saw action this week, and backup QBs Matt Flynn and Drew Stanton may have piqued some teams interest with some solid play.

I subscribe to the theory that if you are out of the postseason hunt, you go young.  If you have vets on your team that you've already decided to part ways with in the off season then you sit them down.  What better way to gauge the level of talent and the readiness of your players than in a meaningful regular season game.


1)  That Eagles finish was one of the most exciting I've ever seen.  Twenty eight unanswered 4th quarter points, that perfectly executed on-sides kick, Michael Vick running wild, and DeSean Jackson doing his thing.

2)  How many Fantasy Football playoff teams started their week off in a hole when Vernon Davis only managed 1 catch for 4 yards.

3)  Is Gary Kubiak next to get pink slipped?

4)  One more coaching question...  If the Chargers don't make the playoffs does Norv Turner need to go?

5)  Corey Wootton might be the answer to a trivia question some day.  Then again, I can see Brett Favre squeezing one more game out of his old decrepit body.

6)  Thomas Jones cracked 10,000 yards rushing.  Only the 25th player to do so.

7)  Anyone else think the Jets benefited from some questionable officiating?

8)  I'm telling you...  the Lions will be a legit playoff contender next year.  One more draft removed from the stench of Matt Millen should do the trick.

9)  I'd be willing to bet that anyone that played offensive line in their youth was standing and cheering for Dan Connolly as he rumbled 71 yards.  Big man has some wiggle to his game.

10)  The Bears may not be the best team in the NFL, but I guarantee no one wants to see them come playoff time.  A defensive front four that can get it done on their own, two great linebackers, an outstanding special teams, and an offense with just enough at the skill positions to make a defense wary.