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The Bears Den: December 23, 2010

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...where we don't give a damn about Rex Ryan's personal life.  Happy Festivus!

Rex Ryan says Devin Hester is ridiculous; does not plan on kicking to him.

Three Bears wind up being first in fan voting for Pro Bowl consideration.

David Haugh says that the McCaskeys are proof you can buy a winner.

Brad Biggs talks about the adjustments of Martz and Marinelli this season.

Jets QB Mark Sanchez has slight tear in throwing shoulder, but will play.

John 'Moon' Mullin says that Mike Martz would be open to being a HC again.

Moon also talks about the Buddy Ryan Coaching Tree.

Brian Mitchell calls in to CSNChicago and talks about Devin Hester.

Neil Hayes focuses on some of Cutler's critics, and Kreutz even speaks up.

Sean Jensen has a feature on the former Bears ball boys that grew up to be coaches.

Kvin Seifert's stock Watch has a couple of positives about the Bears.

Vikings punter Klewe was getting booed for kicking so many out of bounds.

The always thorough Team Report, courtesy of USA Today.

Not Bears-related, but awesome: Letters exchanged from 1974 between a fan and the Browns

Andy Reid heaps praise upon Brad Childress, and says he'd welcome him back with open arms.

Featured article: Andrew Brandt talks about the enhanced 18-game NFL season.