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WCG Key Match-Up: Jay Cutler vs. Darrelle Revis

From Michael C. Wright blog at

"No, you can't assume the Bears will stay away from Revis' side]," Cutler said. "We've got good receivers. We trust the guys in our locker room. I tell those guys: 'You're gonna have to get open.' Whatever it takes, we're gonna have to find a way to complete balls [on Revis' side] because you can't eliminate one side of the field."


"It doesn't mean you don't do it, you just have to be careful on how you're gonna do it," Martz said. "[Revis is] very consistent, very, very, very confident in his skill, and does not overreact. He's really as good as I've seen in many years. But that doesn't mean that you don't create opportunities. It's a terrific challenge for our guys, there's no question."


Going into this Sunday's game against the Jets, Bears fans, including myself, wonder if Jay Cutler would throw in Revis' direction. The above quotes indicate to me that Cutler and Martz are planning to do just that, and I agree with the decision too. Is Darrelle Revis a shutdown corner? Absolutely, but should that stop teams from throwing in his direction? No it shouldn't. Avoiding Darrelle Revis' side of the field is what Rex Ryan wants you to do as it gives him more flexibility to throw all types of different looks at QB's. Is it impossible to have success throwing towards Revis Island? No. Am I crazy for asking myself questions in this post? Yes, but that's a whole other story. For this story though, I will try my best to figure out ways that Jay can have success against the best cornerback in the NFL.

Plan A - Getting Physical: Throwing Earl Bennett on Revis

If there's one receiver on the team who has the best chance against Revis it's Bennett.

Best case scenario: Bennett is able to cleanly get off the line of scrimmage against Revis and get enough separation for him to complete the incoming pass. Bennett is the best route runner on the team and the Bears smartest receiver. He's also the Bears strongest receiver and that area is where I think he can take advantage of Revis who's smaller than him.

Worst case scenario: Revis' athleticism overshadows Bennett's strength, and Earl is not able to get clean separation on Revis. Likely to happen, but he would be the first guy I pin up against Revis.

Plan B - Size: Greg Olsen and Devin Aromashodu

Best case scernario: Olsen's size and above average speed could pose problems in the intermediate game for Revis. Aromashodu is ideally the best match-up the Bears can throw at him, because he's athletic and fast at his own right and has some height on Revis.

Worst case scenario: Bears fans have seen Olsen get shutdown by average corners with speed and athleticism, so imagine what Revis will do to him. Devin Aromashodu might be the best receiver to match-up against Revis, but he's still lost in the Martz offense and one mistake against Revis could cost Jay.

Plan C - Speed: Devin Hester and Johnny Knox

Best case scenario: If Johnny and Devin can get off the jam cleanly, they have a chance to beat Revis vertically and deep over the middle. Revis has been battling a hamstring for the longest of time this season and the speedsters might be the sleeper match-up against Revis.

Worst case scenario: Knox and Hester still haven't proven they can get off the line of scrimmage cleanly, and Revis is a good press corner to even if he is beat off the line he has the recovery speed gain ground on Hester and Knox. Knox is the worst guy to pin on Revis as he at times has a habit of rounding off routes or giving up inside position. Mistakes like that against an elite corner can cause Jay to turn the ball over.

Best case scenario for Jay: Throw different types of looks at Revis. I don't think one receiver can have success against Revis and it will take a group effort to get the job done. The weakness of not having a go to receiver might be a strength for Jay this Sunday, as Revis and Antonio Cromartie can't zero in on one receiver. I look for Jay and Martz to take advantage of that this Sunday.