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The Bears Den: December 24th, 2010 Edition

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Where we have nothing but faith that these two guys will lead the Bears to the Super Bowl

Angelo provides his take on title, Hester - He is very fond of both.

Cutler delivers cheer to ailing kids - Dude's cool as hell. Sorry detractors, but deal with it, he's a good kid.

Jay Cutler defends offense - 2 sacks, 3 picks, 1 FF. He did a really good job.

Jets' Sanchez hurting, lacking respect from Bears - Urlacher's quote is my favorite.

WCG on Twitter. A good location for getting news. Or irritating Dane. Either way, a good time, really.

Stats Hint Sanchez in for a Rough Day - Aw, poor baby. Somebody get him a chocolate milk, stat.

Chicago Bears defense successfully pulling off stunts to disrupt passing game - Don't put too much of it on tape--you've gotta win a few more games.

Always a critical time for Jay Cutler Lose, and they're mad you didn't win. Win, and they're mad you didn't win in the matter they wanted you to.

Briggs, Urlacher applaud Lovie’s coaching consistency - They like him. They really like him.

Peppers spices ‘D’ - You can't hate on a good pun.

Dynasty on tap? Bears youth making huge impact - Dynasty? Unsure. Solid team? Definitely.

Hey, this happened: