Hester's feats

Bear with me everybody, this is my first crack at a post here at WCG.  Thanks!

After sitting in the cold and snow at TCF Bank last Monday and watching Hester break the return record, I got to thinking, it seems like The Windy City Flyer does his most damage on the grandest stages (Monday Night Football) and in wins by the Bears.  I went through the game logs and researched it and thought I would share it with you.

In the Super Bowl season of 2006, Hester had 3 punts and 2 kick offs for scores (I know, we ALL know that).  Of the 5 scores, 3 came in Monday Night games.  The punt return in the "The Bears are who we thought they were" game and 2 kick offs against the Rams later in the year.  The Bears were 4-0 in the four games Hester took one (or two) to the house. 

In 2007, all of his returns came during regular Sunday games.  The Bears were only 3-2 in games Hester returned kicks for scores. 

This season, however, Devin got back to his big stage theatrics, returning 2 punts for scores on Monday Night Football.  The team is 2-1 this year when 23 puts 6 on the board. 

All told, the Bears are 9-3 so far when Hester scores on special teams.  The team most victimized by 23?  Minnesota, with 3 punts returned for scores.  Green Bay is tied with St. Louis and Denver for second, each having been burnt by Hester twice.  Five of his 14 returns have happened on Monday Night Football.  Less than I expected, but still quite an accomplishment. 

Of course this analysis does not include the Super Bowl or the missed kick return, which happened on Sunday Night Football. 

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