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WCG Key Match-Up: Bears DL vs Packers OL

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The question all this week is whether Lovie will play his starters for this Sunday match-up against rival Packers. The Bears still have a chance at home field advantage through out the playoffs with Falcons lost to the Panthers (unlikely) and a Saints lost to the Buccaneers (unlikely). There's a great chance the Falcons and Saints take care of business this Sunday, so the Bears will most likely go into a meaningless game against the Packers. I'm taking the Lawrence Holmes approach and that I'm ok with either. If Lovie wants to go all out and try to knock the Packers out the playoffs that will be fine with me. If he wants to pull his players just to be on the safe side that is also fine with me. The reason for this being because a part of me wants to see the Packers fail and see guys like Jason LaConfora eat crow. The other part of me wants the Bears to be completely healthy in the playoffs, and I don't want any part of that Giants defensive line.

Since I'm doing this week Key Match-up, I will go into this post thinking that Lovie will play his starters this Sunday. This means we will see the starting defensive line try foil the Packers playoff hopes by getting after Aaron Rodgers.

RE Julius Peppers vs. LT Chad Clifton

Julius didn't get a sack in the last meeting against the Packers, but he made his presence felt by forcing Clifton and then RT Mark Trauscher to many false start penalties. I can imagine they will game plan to give Clifton as much help as he can. Peppers is too quick and too powerful for the 34 year old Clifton to block one on one. I also expect Julius to flip over and test 1st year player Bryan Bulaga

DT Henry Melton vs. LG Daryn Colledge

On passing downs it won't be Adams, but Melton. Colledge might be bigger than Melton, but Melton is much quicker and athletic than Colledge. If Melton can prevent Colledge from getting a body on him with his athleticism it should be a favorable match-up for the line all game long.

DT Matt Toenia/Tommie Harris vs. RG Josh Sitton

Sitton is a very good starting offensive guard and will be important for the defensive tackles specifically the 3 technique to get pressure and make Peppers and Idonjie job easier coming off the edge. Harris seems to have arrived as usual late in the season (if only he was consistent throughout the season) and Toenia has been solid all season.

LE Israel Idonijie vs. RT Bryan Bulaga

I feel that the Bears defensive ends can have success against the Packers Tackles this Sunday. Idonije has pretty much made most of us fans forget about Alex Brown with his solid play this season. He's in a favorable match-up this Sunday against Bulaga who is a 1st year tackle. Idonije for a really big guy is really athletic at the LE position, and that can pose problems for the inexperience Bulaga.