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The Bears Den: New Year's Eve 2010 Edition

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Where Kev absolutely demands that everyone have a safe and happy New Year's Eve.

The picture to the right sums up Brett Favre's year.

Bears healthier than Packers heading into finale - Bears players on IR: 1. Packers players on IR: Approximately eleventy.

Tice’s stock rising again - Don't give him any stock--he'll get busted for insider trading. 

Chris Harris proving to be wise investment for Chicago Bears - He's doing well. And when he has a bad play, he usually makes up for it somehow.

Home-field disadvantage for the Bears? - The field kinda sucks. I don't know if anyone ever told you.

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Knox, Forte eye 1,000 club - I think they make absolutely certain on Sunday that they both hit these numbers.

Two Bears among rare 4-3 LBs in Pro Bowl - Yeah, these players play at a high level!

Bears D working to return to high level - Yeah, they're totally slackers.

Bears' defense excelling as a unit - But I thought they were working to return to a high level? What gives, ESPN?

Packers defense seeks more pressure - Specifically, they want 7 Pascals of pressure.

Seamstresses tackle uniform needs for Green Bay Packers - It must be an exceptionally slow news day in Wisconsin.