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The Bears Den: December 4, 2010

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Mike Ditka in 1985:  "We couldn’t beat a playoff team today. We would have been eliminated." 

Cutler warned that next time he is abusive to a referee, he's gonna pay the price.

Legal spat going on with the "Super Bowl Shuffle."  C'mon, man.

Dan Pompei provides his insights through a Q/A session at the Trib.

GM Jerry Angelo talks about his past a bit, then focuses on the Lions.

Moon Mullin talks about the Bears DL and how Lovie likes to rotate his players.

Mark Potash says that this year's defense is in better position than the '06 defense.

PFF's updated Pro Bowl Cheat Sheet.

The always thorough Team Report from USA Today.

Kevin Seifert has some interesting tidbits on the NFC North.

Seifert also provides an injury report from yesterday in the NFCN

The Vikings have several key offensive players that are questionable for their game.