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Bears Game Ball of the Week: WR Earl Bennett

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It has become quite clear that anytime the Bears are in an offensive situation in which they have to make a play, Earl Bennett will not only be on the field, but will possibly will be the first place the QB looks after the snap.  Just two seasons removed from a rookie year in which he caught exactly zero passes, Earl Bennett is becoming QB Jay Cutler's go-to guy in 2010's Martzfense, and yesterday he registered his first ever 100-yard performance.

Bennett is not the tallest guy on the field (6'0), nor is he the fastest (4.5 speed), but he undoubtedly has the best hands of any of the Bears WRs, and has been steadily improving in his route-running since the first of the season.  Add to that the fact that Bennett is suddenly a fighter (how many times did the Lions defense have trouble bringing him down after a catch?), we may be seeing a living, breathing example of talent development right before our very eyes.  And that is saying something, considering Jay Cutler doesn't exactly always deliver an easily-catchable football.

So, for this week's game ball, it is a pretty easy choice.  On eight targets, Bennett had 7 catches for 104 yards, for a 14.9 yard per catch average.  He didn't find the end zone, but a few of his catches directly lead to scoring plays by the offense.  Congratulations, Mr. Bennett!

Some recap links after the jump.

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Oh, and an honorable mention to tackling machine Brian Urlacher for the Game Ball... 17 tackles - are you kidding me?

Your morning-after thoughts on things?