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The Bears Den: December 8, 2010


...where we KNOW the 4th Phase will be rocking this weekend.

Larry Mayer says an attitude adjustment is contributing to DJ Moore's season.

Brad Biggs reports that new OLineman Johnson will be working at Right Tackle.

Bill Belichick talks about the Bears in a conference call yesterday with reporters.

Belichick also likes Jerry Angelo's eye for talent, and even uses him as a confidant.

John 'Moon' Mullin compares the draft picks on the OLs of the Bears and the Patriots.

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Moon also takes a look at the remaining portion of the regular season schedule.

Olin Kreutz says everyone's been asing if he was mad after Suh's hit on Cutler.

Sean Jensen looks at the combo of Taylor-Forte in the backfield together.

Mike Mulligan discusses the changes that Martz has gone through with his offense.

The Bears and Packers trade places in ESPN's latest Power Rankings.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame tweeted this earlier:

70 yrs ago today....Sid Luckman lead Bears to stunning 73-0 win over Redskins in 1940 @NFL Championship Game.

Dec. 8, 1940 - Bears scored so many times that game ran out of balls from PATs kicked into stands.. Used practice balls at end of game.

Here, have a Sid Luckman video:


NFL Top 100 Players # 33 - Sid Luckman (via TheNFLhistory