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The Bears Den: December 9, 2010


...where we think Sunday's game could result in the biggest Chicago Bears win in the last several years.

GM Jerry Angelo sits down with Larry Mayer and provides his latest insights.

An update on where our players stand in the Pro Bowl voting

Tom Brady's Q/A session where he talks about the Bears.

Jay Cutler gets in on the complaining about the turf at Soldier Field.

Urlacher says that Julius Peppers should be the Defensive Player of the Year.

Bill Belichick speaks up on what he thinks of Mike Martz's offense.

The IR will claim another: Lions DE Kyle Vanden Bosch finished for the year.

John 'Moon' Mullin: "Methinks the O.C. doth protest too much?"

Moon also points out that having to face great QBs is normal for the Bears.

Kevin Seifert matches up the Bears pass rush versus Tom Brady.

Seifert also says that his faith in the Chicago Bears is falling.  During a five-game winning streak.

Old Man River will test his sprained throwing shoulder today.  Will he start Sunday?

A look at the nastiness of Lions DT Suh, and his place in the NFL.

Featured Article: What happens at the bottom of a loose-ball pile.

Okay, confess:  Which one of you is this?