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WCG Key Match-Up: Bears Defensive Line vs. Patriots Offensive Line

The Bears stopped one of the most dynamic QB's in the league Michael Vick a couple weeks back. They face a totally different monster in Tom Brady this Sunday. There's no secret to how you stop Brady, which is simply putting pressure on him (see last year playoff game versus Ravens). Yes it's not such a complex task, but the five guys in front of Brady do a great job keeping him up right. This will most likely be the best offensive line the Bears defensive line will face for the rest of the season. The Patriots have weapons across the line on offense. Deion Branch is in super bowl MVP mode, Wes Welker is...well Wes Welker, Brandon Tate gives them a threat downfield, and Danny Woodhead is such a multi dimensional weapon in the backfield. The defensive line is going have to create plenty of pressure in order to contain the best offense in the league.

LE Israel Idonije vs. RT Sebastian Vollmer

Sebastian Vollmer is quite the physical specimen just like Idonjie, and that's why I feel this will be a fun and maybe most important match-up on the line. I can imagine them helping out Matt Light on the other side against Peppers, so it will be important for Idonjie to make his presence felt against Vollmer. It will be a tough match-up for Idonjie, because Vollmer is quick on his feet and once he gets his hands on you it's a wrap. Expect Rod Marinelli to flip the ends at times in the game as Peppers mix blend of speed and power will give Vollmer problems.

Bears Defensive Tackles vs. Patriots Interior Line

Dan Connolly replaced injured reserved guard Stephen Neal on Monday night and the line looked as if it didn't have a drop off. The Bears Defensive tackles is key in this game as they need to not make it comfortable for Brady in the pocket. This is a game where this defense will need Tommie Harris and Matt Toenia to turn it up a notch. 

Key Match-Up to Watch: DT Henry Melton vs. LG Logan Mankins

Mankins is the best guard in the NFL and it's no coincidence this offense took off as soon as he came back from his hold out. Melton is an absolute beast, who possesses power and speed that makes him such a versatile Defensive lineman. This individual match-up interest me the most of all because you have the best in the business in Mankins, and a hungry, high motor, and athletic lineman in Melton.

RE Julius Peppers vs. LT Matt Light 

Peppers will have the choice of where to line up depending on match-up, but assume he will do most of his work against Light. Light is still a solid tackled, but he's declining. Peppers speed might make life difficult on Light unless they take one of their tight ends and double Peppers. The Pats can afford to do that because both Tight Ends are outstanding receiving threats. Lets hope Brady and Belichick is cocky enough to leave Peppers one on one with anyone of his tackles.