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WCG's Bears' All Decade Offense: RB

Thomas Jones scores 2 TD's vs. Seattle in the NFC Divisional Playoffs. (Al Messerschmidt/Wire Image)
Thomas Jones scores 2 TD's vs. Seattle in the NFC Divisional Playoffs. (Al Messerschmidt/Wire Image)

Wcg_thumb_notes_mediumOur ongoing series of posts compiling the 2000's edition of the All Decade Offense continues with the Running Backs. 

Hopefully the animosity and angst from the WR and QB posts has worn off.  Running Back was actually a position of a little strength this past decade.  There really isn't another choice for top running back of the 2000's other than Thomas Jones.

1.) Thomas Jones

     In just 3 seasons with the Bears, Jones had 3,493 yards rushing & 724 yards receiving.  He had 22 touchdowns and a 4.1 ypc.  In 4 playoff games with the Bears he had 75 rushes for 381 yards (over 100 2x) for a ypc of 5.08.  He rushed for 2 touchdowns against both the Seahawks and Saints in the 2006 playoffs.  The Bears won both of those games.  In the Super Bowl, Jones rushed for 112 yards on only 15 carries for a 7.47 ypc.  (Ron Turner "had to go" Exhibit A) 


2.) Anthony Thomas

     The A-Train had 3,332 yards rushing on 858 carries for a 3.9 ypc in his 4 seasons as a Chicago Bear.  He also had 509 yards receiving.  He rumbled into the end-zone 21 times.  In his only playoff appearance vs the Eagles during the 2001season, Thomas carried the ball 15 times for 36 yards. 


3.) Matt Forte

     In just 2 seasons with the Bears, Forte has compiled 3,115 total yards from scrimmage with 16 touchdowns.  He has 2,167 yards rushing for a 3.8 ypc.  He also has 120 receptions for 948 yards.  Not too shabby for a running back.  Let's hope after a knee scope this off season he can put up some stats to rival his rookie year.


Honorable Mention:

     James Allen started 22 games for the Bears from 2000-2001.  He had 425 carries for 1,589 yards (3.7ypc) for 3 tds.  He also had 69 receptions for 494 yards and 2 td's in those 2 seasons.  In those 2 seasons he had 2,083 total yards and 5 touchdowns...not bad.  Also, who can forget the 34 yard Hail Mary pass he caught in the end-zone at the end of regulation vs Cleveland in 2001 that sent the game into overtime?  Mike Brown would pick-6 the Browns to win the game for his 2nd straight OT pick-6 game winner.  (If anyone can find video of this please post a link.)

     Adrian Peterson has played his entire 9 year career with the Bears from 2002-2009.  He has started 6 games and amassed 1,948 yards from scrimmage, 8 touchdowns, and countless special teams plays.