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Breaking: Mike Martz is the Bears OC

 50757492_medium It's happened. From Chicago

The Bears on Monday hired Mike Martz to be their offensive coordinator.

Martz, 58, worked with Bears coach Lovie Smith in St. Louis, operating an explosive Rams offense that was dubbed "The Greatest Show on Turf." The unit featured quarterback Kurt Warner, running back Marshall Faulk, and wide receivers Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt.

Other news from around the league:

Biggs sounds off at

A story from the Sun-Times before news broke: good quote from Theisman:

''Of all the quarterbacks I've seen, Jay hates throwing the ball away more than anybody,'' NFL Network analyst Joe Theismann said. ''He needs to learn that not every throw needs to be a touchdown. During a point in the season, he seemed determined not to throw to anybody but Greg Olsen. He has to get over the periods where he doesn't care and throws it in there.''

So it's done. Tell us why it's the best thing ever or the worst thing ever below.

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