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Bears All-Decade Offense: C

Wcg_thumb_notes_medium In our next edition of the Chicago Bears All Decade Team, we look at the Center position.  There is just one man to even consider for this, and his name is Olin Kreutz.  Of the 160 regular season games played in the previous decade (2000-2009), Kreutz played in & started 150 of them

1. Olin Kreutz

   Kreutz was drafted in the 3rd round (64th overall) in the 1998 draft.  He started 1 game his rookie year, and he hasn't looked back since.  He's a 6-time Pro-Bowler and 1-time 1st Team All-Pro.

NOTE: Casey Wiegmann & Chris Villarrial started the other games.

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