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WCG can connect with your Facebook account? You betcha!

SBN has created a monster; a good monster that is.  And as we keep growing, we keep seeing them roll out state-of-the-art, highly technological, awesome, super-cool, shiny new things. 

From Trei Brundrett:


Connect With Facebook

1) The Blue Button: Initialize

That blue Facebook Connect button in the SB Nation network bar atop every blog... see it? Click it.  Don't have an SB Nation account yet? CLICK IT. What, you have an SBN account, and you're already logged in? CLICK THE BLUE BUTTON. You'll be connected to Facebook in seconds.


We've put this Connect button in several other spots around the blogs. So it'll be easy for you to Connect the first time, and easy to login again in the future.

2) The Blue Button: Engage

You'll be asked to Connect one more time by Facebook. Click this lovely blue button as well.


3) Authorize: Login to Facebook

Next you'll get a pop-up window confirming that you want to Connect with SB Nation. Login to Facebook if you haven't already. Either way, click the 'Connect' button below to authorize.


4) Authorize: Login to SB Nation

Finally, if you already have an SB Nation account and use the same email address for Facebook, we'll recognize you. Complete the process by logging into SB Nation. Done. Welcome to tomorrow.


New to SB Nation? No worries: we'll pass you through a quick registration screen. Pick a screen name and provide an email address. Welcome to the network!


5) And in the Blueness Bind Them

And here's the best part: the next time that you visit SB Nation and need to login, just  click the blue Connect button. You may be asked to login to Facebook again, but that's it. No need to remember another password! That's extra time you can use to finally learn curling, or to drink beer. Or to explain to your grandmother that you, um, really don't use Facebook much.

When you're logged in with Facebook, you'll see a little F alongside your avatar in the network bar. Huzzah!


Post to Your Facebook Wall

Once you've connected SB Nation with Facebook, start sharing stuff to your profile as you publish. It's easy to push a comment, FanPost or FanShot to your Facebook wall.

Check out the checkbox at the bottom of the comment form.


If you check that box and click the 'POST' button, you'll see a familiar Facebook form:


Give your friends some context for your comment, and rell them why it's awesome. Click 'Publish' and the item will be published to your Facebook wall just as you see it here. No surprises. No whammies.

It works the same way in the FanPost tool. Just check the box labeled 'Post to my Facebook wall' before you publish your post.

Here's how a FanShot photo looks when published from SB Nation to your wall:Facebook_fanshot_medium

Sweet, right? It looks even better if your Facebook avatar has a mustache.

We hope you enjoy the new functionality! Our product team is excited about Connect, and we're happy to address any questions here in the comments. Thanks for being a part of our network.

Make sure you head over to Blog Huddle if you want to ask him questions!