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Heads Up: The NFL Combine is Next Week

2010combine_medium The NFL Scouting Combine is next week. No, no, this isn't the NFL grain harvesting machine, it's the National Invitiational that brings college players and NFL Teams together, so that the pro teams can get an idea of players' measurables.

There's a website all set up right here that can answer a lot of your basic questions about the event. They've been doing the combine since 1982, and it's been in Indianapolis (*shudder*) since 1987. While the combine doesn't automatically guarantee a good pick by a team, or even quality performance for a player, it's a good first glance look around a month before the draft.

In addition, has a great page with a lot of combine news, as well. Check it out here. After the jump, we'll take a look at some news regarding some of the big names expected at the combine.

Ndamukong Suh will participate in combine drills.  He's projected as #1 overall by a lot of people, and they don't usually participate. So that's fun.

Sam Bradford will be there, but won't particpate. He's still rehabbing from his shoulder surgery.

Colt McCoy will throw at the combine. Still recovering from his BCS Title Game injury, says he's rehabbing quick and will be ready to throw.

Deymarius Thomas broke his foot this week, getting ready for the combine. Quick dude, fluke injury. Probably affects his rating a little bit, as he can't run next week.

What do you guys think? Obviously, the Bears won't be after any of these guys, but who're you interested in at the combine?