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The Bears Den: 2/02/10 (The Morning After Edition)


...where some might say we have an "All-Star" coaching staff.

David Haugh not too pleased with the way the meeting between Martz and Cutler went down. 

But after some reflection, Haugh delivers a good spin on the situation.

Brad Biggs starts his 12 part series with the QBs.

Knox recieved over $22k for his efforts in the Pro Bowl.

Lovie talks about what Martz will bring to the table.

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Pep Hamilton is talking with the Bucs about their QB coach position.

Hillenmeyer donating his brain.

Biggs calls the Martz hire an "experiment."  Some good quotes from the brass in there. 

McMahon still making his rounds in the media.  I wonder why he's surfaced so much lately.

Will we have a Defensive Coordinator today?  Stay tuned!