Name the Players- Bears Fans

So Mike Martz comes in as the new offensive coordinator working under a HC who was once respected but is coming out of two terrible seasons.

Martz has a vision for an attacking offense and he has the following weapons and tools to work with (let's see if you can name them all Bears fans):

1. A former first round pick at Left Tackle who now in his third year who showed some promise in his second year but needs to kick things up a notch.

2. A fourth-year, former fifth round pick who was mostly a back up at the start of his career but spent the last season playing left guard but who might have enough athleticism to be a right tackle in a pass happy offense.

3. A 22 year old , down to earth and promising 6' tall WR with a 40 time in the mid 4's but who plays faster. A guy who set all kinds of conference receiving records in college and was recognized for his good hands, route running and toughness.

4. A smallish speedy receiver- coming out of a decent rookie campaign after being picked up from a small school program with a mid-late round selection. He has excelled at the return game and open field running has surprisingly good hands and route running and who looks like a solid pass catching contributor for the future.

5. The leading WR on the team the last several years is now entering his 5th year. This former Round 2 pick is a Florida native with excellent speed. He is a tad under 6' and weighs in at 190lbs. Over the last two years he's averaged about 650 yards per season on about 50 catches but those numbers would have been higher if not for some injuries. There are some questions as to whether he is a true number one wr or actually a number 2.

6. This dynamic RB is looking to start again fresh. Having launched his career as a first day pick and racking up over 1200 rushing yards and close to 500 receiving yards as a rookie, he has faced some injuries and issues but still has enough carries and yardage to make believers out of most in the league. He is fantastic out of the backfield and has proven to be a great weapon in the passing game.

7. The Quarterback of this team is the ultimate key to its success. Although doubt surrounds him everywhere, he is supremely confident in himself and despite doom and gloom from the fan base and in the National media, the coaches are committed to their plan of building an offense around him.

Can you name those 7 players?

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.