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The Bears Den: February 24th, 2010 Edition


...where we're sufficiently stacked at DE and RB.

Bears haven't hired Ruskell -- yet - Chicago Breaking Sports - Seems like it's all but a done deal though, but that pesky front office...

Bears deny Ruskell report - Inside the Bears - still saying it's not true. Right before the combine. However, they've taken to only announcing news on Fridays, so let's see what happens two days from now.

Sweet home Chicago for Peppers, Kampman? DEs coveted by Bears - LaCanfora from says that a "league source" has indicated that Peppers is number one on the list for the Bears. Kampman's high up there, too. Makes sense, they are both defensive ends.

Chargers could be losing Sproles - Sports Rumors - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports - They don't want to sign him for only a year, but if they can't get a deal, he goes to Free Agency. This leaves them with no running backs, and...

Cromartie sounds ready to leave Chargers amid trade rumors -... A lot of you wanted it, but could it happen? I'm still not sure what piece, exactly we trade to the Chargers, but they're going to need someone. Maybe they'll take Garrett Wolfe for him... 

If healthy, Westbrook could thrive in right role - Inside the Bears - When healthy, Wesbrook thrives. When not, well, it's common, and we've seen what happens.

Report: Minor league baseball to test for HGH after 1st positive - ESPN - If this test works, I can't wait to watch the leagues fall all over themselves to explain why they're not going to use it.

L.T and the Bears: Could it be a good fit? - Chicago Breaking Sports - I don't think so. I said it in a comment yesterday, and he's outright said it himself. He wants to go to an immediate contender.

Basanez teaching at Throw It Deep camp - I just found this amusing, since I don't recall ever seeing him perform the action that the camp is named after.

In Plushenko's mind (and website), he's the platinum medal winner - I debated on posting something figure-skating related, but this dude seems to have lost it. Who creates their own medal?