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The Bears Den: 2/26/10


...Lovie, Tice, Martz, Marinelli, Toub.  Good or bad?

Larry Mayer doing some live blogging during the Combine.  Nice work. 

Something about Nick Roach and cake.  Only smudgers would find a link like this.

Former Bear player getting enshrined into Italian American Sports Hall of Fame.  Congrats Rick!

Many of you have mentioned bringing back TJones.  Biggs says it ain't likely to happen.

TO says Mike Singletary says: Get your popcorn ready.

Iron Mike also speaks up for former teammate Richard Dent.

Letter from Ted Phillips indicates he is digging the team's new ideas.

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Dave Toub likes what he sees.  With pic that is not Dave Toub.

Urlacher wants Wale to stay.  Urlacher likes Peppers.

Saints had secret weapon during Super Bowl season.  Seriously.

Outstanding mythbusting article on Battle Red Blog, SBN's Texans website.  Must read.