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Reading Between the Lines: What is Lovie Saying?

In what has become a well-known term with fans of the Chicago Bears, "Lovie-speak" is notorious for ambiguity.  And perhaps, he purposely keeps his public comments as minimally substantial as possible... less to be accountable for, if you will.

Today, Lovie made some comments about our defensive safety position; and Brad Biggs says that the Bears are expected to make a play for Antrel Rolle, assuming he is released from Arizona.  Yes, Lovie talks about the need to get better, and says that the focus right now will be possibilities in Free Agency. 

But, what caught my eye was a quote from Lovie near the end of the article...

"When you look to improve it, you look at all areas.  We do have some draft picks. Hopefully, maybe we will be able to use one a little bit earlier."

Did Lovie Smith have a slip of the tongue?  Is he purposefully being cryptic?  Or am I really just reading too much into it?

Because to me, it sounds like Lovie wants to try and draft at a higher position than we are currently sitting at.  We've heard that several teams are looking to deal-down... are the Bears thinking of dealing-up?

With all of the ire vaulted towards GM Jerry Angelo this offseason, we have to remember a couple of things:

1- He is potentially fighting for his job this year.  And,

2-  He did shock the football world last offseason by bringing in Jay Cutler.

This offseason?  I guess we'll just have to stay tuned...